Muster: Comms Without Compromise for Military Recruiters and Recruits

At Sandboxx, we believe the men and women of our armed forces, from the recruit …

At Sandboxx, we believe the men and women of our armed forces, from the recruit on the first day of boot camp, deserve to be connected to the resources and services that help them navigate and make the most out of their military journeys. To help with this, we created Muster—a military messaging and community app. Muster is a place where you can connect with each other, share information and meet your mission. It’s easy to use, improves communication and does exactly what you need it to do—and nothing more. 

Muster makes it easy for recruiters to manage communications with all of their recruits

Our focus is on simplifying and consolidating communication for recruiters and recruits, and giving you the tools you need to make your job a little easier each day. Joining the military is a big decision, and Muster can help ease the transition for recruits, get them more prepared for basic training and increase retention throughout their enlistment journey.

To help build this new tool, we’ve taken direct feedback from recruiters, recruits and commanders and given you the tools, content and resources you need to help meet your mission. We understand the limitations of current recruiting tools from both experience and user feedback. We’ve taken all of that into account when building the platform. Here is what we learned from you:

Muster is in the Sandboxx app you already have

Muster lives in the existing Sandboxx app, so you don’t have to download anything new. Quickly view a summary of your recruits so you know who needs a follow-up and message each recruit at once.

It can flag issues before recruits fall behind

Muster flags recruits who are missing paperwork or key tasks, this way you know which individuals may be at greater risk of falling behind.

Thousands of recruits are already in the App

Thousands of recruits already use Sandboxx to prepare for Basic Training. With Muster, you can access exclusive articles to share directly with recruits and their families to motivate, educate and inspire them.

Muster comes with handy tools to help recruits prepare for training

We have the tools your team needs. Help recruits mentally and physically prepare for what lies ahead at basic training. We have everything from training guides, packing lists and more.

Create a community with your recruits

With the ability to chat 1-on-1 or create group chats, you can bring a sense of communityand support to recruiting. Great things can happen as recruits begin to interact daily with recruiters and each other.

Muster is built by service members and Veterans, for service members and Veterans. We have 100+ years of combined military service at Sandboxx and a majority of that is in recruiting, retention and initial entry training. Most communication tools are built for everyone, but Muster is built for you. 

The editorial team at Sandboxx.