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What we need to know in order to keep you informed. We will price a flight for your recruit's return home on the same flight we find for you.

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Join our Military Travel Community and receive up-to-date information on boot camp graduation flights, hotels, and transportation. Let us help you take care of your recruit.

Round Trip

We can help both your family and recruit book travel to graduation and back home. Buying your recruit's ticket home from boot camp relieves a lot of stress.


We can assist you obtaining either a refundable ticket or flight insurance starting as low as $24 per ticket making you eligible for up to 100% refund for your ticket.

Fly Together

We can book your recruits ticket home on the same flight as yours. Also, make sure he returns for training on the right date and time.

Military Discount

If you are flying with your military member, friends and family are eligible for the military discount.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I book my recruits travel or is it best having him do it himself?

Drill Instructors encourage parents to purchase the ticket for their recruit for two reasons. First, it removes the stress on the recruit in trying to communicate travel dates; and secondly, you can book their ticket on the same flight as yours.

How do I communicate with my recruit and let him know I purchased a ticket for them?

We will send your recruit a letter with the full travel itinerary. Drill Instructors are trained to ask their recruits for this information.

What is a military airfare discount?

Most airlines offer military discounts to active duty military members and their dependents. The discount is based on many factors, but can be quite significant.

Are parents eligible for discount?

Only if you are flying with the military member and are on the same PNR (Passenger Record Number).

What if graduation dates are changed, can the tickets be changed?

Yes. By either buying a refundable ticket or purchasing flight insurance you can be refunded the price of your ticket and have any change fees waived. In many cases, your recruit's ticket can be changed at no charge if his graduation dates are changed. We can assist you in navigating the airline system to make this happen. However, we recommend the flight insurance since it is so cheap.

What if our tickets are cheaper on another website?

Our goal is to ensure you get the best price and full assurance your trip won't have any issues. If you do find a ticket cheaper please let us know and we will try to match it. We are confident that our military travel family will provide you best-in-class service and never leave you to fend for yourself if something goes wrong.

When should we arrive and plan to depart boot camp graduation?

We have a list of all graduation dates and locations of airports. We will inform you of the best travel dates and times.